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Do you need to communicate technical information to achieve the most from your products or services? If so, you have already completed the most important step - finding the best technical authors for the job.

Caltek Technical Services has over 20 years of experience of technical authoring for some of the largest blue-chip technology companies in the world. We have clients throughout the UK, including in the Midlands, M4 corridor and London.

We are experts at unlocking technical knowledge and communicating that information clearly and concisely to meet your business objectives. We develop technical publications of all types, including user guides, e-learning videos, online help, installation instructions, e-books, training guides and reference manuals.

We support PDF, CHM, webhelp, HTML5 and all other standard media formats. This allows us to provide content for web-based applications, desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets (such as the iPAD), depending on your specific requirements.

We deliver a depth of service that is rarely matched by other technical authors. We have a passion for knowledge and the ability to translate it into clear and accurate documentation.

Clients quickly see that we are able to integrate seamlessly with their company's technical team. Our technical knowledge and experience allow us to understand concepts quickly, ask intelligent questions, work efficiently and extract all required information before developing documentation to the highest standards.

We consider it essential for a technical author to be qualified to degree level in an engineering, computing or science subject, as well as having extensive experience as a technical author. These requirements allow us to communicate effectively with the client's technology experts, understand the concepts and extract the necessary information.

Clients appreciate the individual, detailed attention we give to their products. Most software projects require us to carry out extensive testing to confirm the exact behaviour of a system, which is often used to supplement the work carried out by the company's Quality Assurance team.

In many cases, we are seen as the first users of a product. As part of the service, we are often asked to assist with the design of the user interface. While documenting a user interface, it is easy for us to identify features that work well or need improvement.

If you do not have in-house technical authors, you may not be certain about the types of publications or media you need. Well, that's no problem. We provide a free consultancy service at the start of every project to help you choose the best solution for your needs. Online help, user guides, e-learning videos and quick-start instructions are just a few of the communication solutions that may be appropriate.

For most companies, outsourcing a technical author is the best solution to meet their business objectives at the lowest cost. Most companies have peaks of development work, which require a technical author only for a specified period of time. To invest in a full-time employee to carry out the work does not normally make commercial sense.

Many companies employ contract technical authors, who appear at the start of a project and disappear at the end, never to be seen again! This is not our approach. Instead, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our time is scheduled to be available for when they require it. Our approach ensures that the knowledge the client invests in us is available for the next project.