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A growing number of organisations find that e-learning can communicate processes, concepts and sequences far more efficiently than traditional media types.

We have been developing e-learning content since 1987. Indeed, our name, Caltek, reflects our origins in Computer Aided Learning (CAL). Over 25 years later, we continue to develop e-learning systems for companies that wish to take advantage of this matured technology.

Today, e-learning is delivered mostly in video format with a voiceover. Often, the video is made available from a company web site, which enables the content to be updated instantly and allows users to access the material at times that are convenient to them.

Users can follow procedures at their own pace and schedule their involvement around other commitments. Interactive tests can be provided to test knowledge and assess progress. In addition, simulated processes provide the opportunity to experience and manage 'real-life' situations in a secure environment.

Our dynamic, engaging and user-friendly media includes text, images, captions, transitions, animations and movie content, and we are able to provide custom-made soundtracks to accompany the presentation.

We are experts at developing e-learning systems and are able to provide all parts of a multimedia presentation, including video, original soundtracks, voiceovers and animations.

E-learning is appropriate in many different situations depending on your company's requirements and the type of products you are delivering. For example:

a) Training Courses - E-learning is often used to replace traditional instructor-led training courses. A significant benefit is that the cost for both the trainers and trainees can be dramatically reduced. The students can study remotely from their own desktop and access to a computer is all that is needed. Travel, venue and accommodation expenses are eliminated!

b) "How to" instructions - E-learning makes it easy to show how to use features in software systems, particularly those that have a highly-graphical user interface. A combination of online help and e-learning is often an excellent choice.

c) Promotional videos - Professionally-produced promotional videos and software demonstrations available from the company's web site project a modern and innovative image and help to sell products.