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We believe that we would be your best choice for high-quality and comprehensive product documentation, but don't just take our word for it - see what some of our clients have said about us:

"We have always been impressed with both the technical ability and the communication skills exhibited by Caltek Technical Services."

"They are also notable for their commitment to timescales. We have often had to pose difficult technical problems with aggressive timescales. We find that Caltek Technical Services are always committed to deliver on time."

"Caltek Technical Services have had to learn the products, produce outline synopses, write the relevant material and produce any diagrams. I can recommend them for their professionalism, sense of urgency and commitment to high standards."

"Our Technical Department seems to be satisfied as well. They praise your work".

"I would not hesitate to recommend Caltek Technical Services to anyone needing readable and rigorous documentation of a complex technical subject".

"Your work for us has always been excellent, and we have all thoroughly enjoyed working with you."

"Once again, I am very impressed with the document - it makes the product seem well designed!"

"I thought the style to be very clear and it explained some difficult concepts in plain language - one of the easiest technical books to understand that I have read."

"The chapters follow logically on, progressing from simple to advanced language constructs at the right pace."

"It is remarkable how well Alan (Senior Partner of Caltek Technical Services) has succeeded in developing an understanding of ELLA in both depth and detail way beyond that of a normal user of the language."

"The vocabulary does not rely on too much jargon, making it very readable."

"We are all very pleased with the way the manual has turned out."

"The manual's sentences are very easy to read and translate."

"The leaflet is very clean and functional."

"Alan quickly became part of the team, and as well as being a very capable technical author, he soon proved that his ability to understand products became an invaluable part of product testing."

"Timescales are important, and this is where Caltek Technical Services delivered top marks by always delivering on time, or in most cases early."

"All in all, a very nice job!"

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